The Child inside me

I’m 19 now. I’ve grown big and responsible. But sometimes I just want to go back and revise the time when I was young.
Sitting on my mothers’ lap was the most soothing thing ever and getting a shout from daddy was also important (once a day atleast). Fighting with younger siblings was a must and then  throwing things here and there would also add up in the environment.
But here I am,Big enough to tackle the world. But I still love it when my mom makes me eat food from her own hand. some times daddy giving me tight hugs. I feel like fighting with my brothers and then hug them as if nothing happened.
I still love to celebrate colour days (which we use to celebrate in our school). I still love baby food (cerelac). I still jump on my bed and I love cuddling up my pillows. i still fight over my jewellery with my mom.
I still love rain (it never makes me sad). I still love eating chocolate and then licking the wrapper.
Yes I’m 19 but the child inside me exists.


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