With love, from your beloved

This post is specially dedicated to my mother who has always been with me through my thick and thin :)
Love you ma ❤
It was 12th  april 2010,  I had my physics board exam that day. I was too nervous and couldn’t sleep all night. I was having excriuciating pain in my leg  due to tension of exams.
MAnnn !! I hated physics big time . I just wanted to puke whenever I had to open my physics book.
Back to the topic, my mom made break fast for me. It was around 8 in the morning. Idk what was happening , I got nervous diarrhoea and I had no idea how will I attempt my paper in such a hassle.
We reached my examination centre around 9. I was too nervous and was sweating badly.
At that time my mom took my hand in hers and said, “You are my brave daughter.  You’ll do it I know “. And those words were my energy.
Three hours later I came out my exam room. I peeped out of the corridor window and could see my mom waiting outside the centre gate. It was 12 o’clock and sun was merciless. I could feel something inside me. May be guilt. May be happiness. I don’t know what it was. May be I was feeling bad that I misbehave with my mom at times despite the fact that she cares for me so much or may be I was happy to have a mom like her.
Whatever it was, but that day i realized that if there is someone whom I can die for, than it has to me my mother ❤


2 thoughts on “With love, from your beloved

  1. It was an interesting story. Meechu don’t feel sad about your wrong doings… Everything will be just fine you love your mom and u have a big caring heart. It was good finding u today.

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