It’s a baby girl :)

This newborn page on facebook is just so relatable. Wow!
Happiness is being daddy’s girl : ) It surely is.
Three months back I was on vacations and to prevent myself from the scorching sun I decided to stay at home this summer, learning how to stitch on the shadeed khuwahish of my mother.
It was a fine Sunday morning. Dad was at home. My mother was busy watering the plants so my dad asked me to make tea for him. I made tea for my father and sat beside him on the dining table. He doesn’t talk much. May be he thinks too much. Idk .!!
Well I was sitting beside him and he was quietly reading the newspaper as usual. Suddenly I heard this sound BANGGG !!. It came from my room and I rushed towards it. My new project !!!!!! Minutes before it was safe and sound ,now it was not ! My younger brother ruined it . Goshh!! It was an important one. I so wanted to die at that moment. I began running after my brother ,wanting to just throw him out of the window.Running,running , we reached the garden outside our home. Ohhhaa ! He’s a strong guy, out of my range so I stopped running. I could feel my heart pounding . I started crying (usually I do this when I have no idea of what should I actually do). My dad came out and asked me the matter. I told him the whole situation. He said “beta mat lara karo, apas me pyaar mohabat se raha karo”. And that was the moment when my bro shouted , “mein nahi reh sakta iskay saath. Iski ap shaadi kiu nahi karadaytay takay ye yahan se chali jae.” I stood up and punched
him.Wolfieeess. How could he say that. At the other instant my dad shouted,”Shiza ye kia kara tumnay. Chotay bhai k sath aisay kartay hain.” I started crying again and said,”ap mujhay hi khtay hain hamesha, isay kuch nai kehtay” and ran inside.
I know daddy loves me but sometimes I just go crazy and think too much.
It turned out to be a bad day. Mom shouted at me because my room was messed up and nothing was at its place. Okaay I didn’t feel bad because’ Ami k saath tou yeh sab chalta rehta hai’.But not with Abu : (
I was in a bad mood and when I’m in such a mood I just lock myself in my room. 
My mom called me for dinner but I ignored.An hour later, dad knocked my room .I opened it. He asked me to have dinner but I refused saying that I’m not hungry( but actually my intestines were reciting ‘Qul huwallah’).He sat on the chair and asked me to sit beside him. I wasn’t really expecting the words he said , but those gave me life !
He moved his hand on my head with love( I could see that feeling in his eyes) and said, “You know we are nine brothers and sisters. We use to fight like animals when we were young. But now those fights have created empty spaces in our hearts. I don’t want that you and your brother to keep grudges against each other. I support him more, that doesn’t mean that I love him more than you. He’s weak and he needs my guidance more than you. I know you are strong and you can do everything in the best possible way .That’s why I’m in a state of relief, I know you’ll make it upto whatever you want. I might scold you, I might take your brothers’ side but don’t ever think than I’m being discriminant.It’s all for the betterment of you both.”
My dad is a strong man. This was my perspective before seeing tears welling in his eyes. But after this incident, I believe that my dad is the strongest man.Being a strong man does not require that you should hold your emotions.It requires to let go things and feel what your feeling in the best way. That moment Daddy was just a father with lots of love in his heart for his daughter.
He smiled and said now lets have dinner. I smiled too. We were going towards the dining table and he asked me,” Do you know which was the best moment of my life?”
I said,” No dad.” He said,” The best moment of my life was when the nurse came out of the operation theatre and told me that it’s a baby girl : ) Image

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